Russia is preparing for Financial Collapse

As western governments are moving toward fiat-currency melt-down, Bitcoin surges as the world searches for ways for people to preserve their wealth, and protect themselves from kleptocratic government parasites. Russians are turning the situation to their favor by moving their money system to blockchain technology.

At the moment, (Aug. 4) financial market anxiety is low, (as the VIX shows) but many market analysts are predicting a market crash is approaching. When the tipping point arrives, there will be a stampede toward the exits, which would be to transfer money into precious metals and the cryptocurrencies. The Russian Federation is setting up a management network to collect a chunk of that "flight capital." Going forward, that could mean a mass emigration of "smart money" persons to find a physical home in Russia, to be in the same environment as their wealth.

Signs of Brilliant Management in Russian Federation (Contains links that explore the "Masterchain" initiative in more detail. This link provides some background on the geopolitical situation leading to the new development.)

The same source reports a portending scandal that could take down the US Democratic party, and their Clinton Cabal leadership. Since the current US executive branch may be operating on an Art of War basis, anything in the news about Trump's actions can be supposed as fake, for the purposes of combating the Deep State.
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