We are Humans Beings

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Somewhere in the muck sprang life, and from that all we know. A simple yet mind-numbingly complex system of cells working in harmony to bring us life, consciousness and existence. We are born helpless into this world, blindly trusting in necessity. From the first babble to the first step, we absorb our environment for better and worse. We form language and our social constructs. We attend schools and learn about the past. We distance ourselves from those of history, pretending they were different.

Our bones get bigger and our minds larger. We begin to discover identity and define ourselves by experience. We get cut and fixed. We play games, we win and we lose. We love and hate, we cry and shout with joy; we experience emotion. From lone perspectives, we continue to build our realities. Through filters born of love, triumph and tragedy we see the world through our unique lens. We are all so different, yet the same.

We leave the nest, we leave comfort. We share brains, eyes and hearts. We learn of new cultures, languages and faith constructs. We judge. We see new lands, far and wide that change our lenses. Some lenses get fogged by money, power and greed; sometimes by love. We’ve spilled the blood of millions of our own kind, our people. We’ve moved mountains, broken atoms and built cities. We have waged wars and fed the starving. We create idols and destroy them. We grow old.

Our kids become adults. They marry and have children. They love, they cry. With our blueprints they build. First a home, then a family. We watch, we love and we support. We alienate and grow apart. We grow back together. As our lives grow futile, we accept. We accept the conditions of life. We look back. We remember our realities, our memories. We call it life. We smile and cry, and share our lenses with others. Our cells become tired and give way to new life, to change. We lose friends, family and lovers as the cycle rolls forward. We live. We die. We are human. - HomoSpaiens
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