Everyone is Beautiful

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There's no human in this world that isn't beautiful. And I mean their faces and their bodies!! Of course some show off their beautiful personality through their appearance, but that's just a plus, they're shining. Everyone is so beautiful. Everyone has beautiful eyes and beautiful hands and beautiful gestures and everyone has a beautiful smile and beautiful teeth and a beautiful voice and everyone is perfect when they're happy and I have yet to see ugliness in anybody in this world except for myself. 

I love everyone!!! 

There's so many types of beauty out there. So many ways someone can stand out. So many people standing out. Even if they don't know or notice or care or even if they do!! Every feature that there is beautiful, even if it's said to be too big or too tiny or too crooked or asymmetrical, it's beautiful!!! Everyone is so beautiful. I'm in love with everyone's appearance. Sorry for this though!!!!!! I need to let it out somehow, I don't talk about it much, but it's c o n s t a n t l y on my mind

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