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Through how popular media itself has become a commodity of consumption, using measures to maximise our intake. Not only have we become accustomed to a rhythm so swift that content only just have time to manifest itself before it dissolves, in order to make room for the next piece of information to fill our attention span. We have become increasingly dependent on it, stirring away from every piece of information that spans over X amount of minutes. These longer pieces of information come off as almost threatening, as we cannot, predict the commitment they demand from us, and what dodgy alleyways they might drag us down.

I have heard that the key satisfaction that comes from consuming new media is that each piece of information is delivered so instantly that it exactly opens up to array of future options, before it naturally closes itself down again. In this way you do not have to feel any disappointment when some of the options were to fail, as they would if they existed in time continuously. 

For Instance, most articles on buzzfeed are incredibly entertaining, but if the article were to be longer and more continuous, they would have to shed light on the topic from many different angles, which would prove the topic a lot less entertaining. As such the consumer never reaches a place where loss of interest can unfold. With each small piece of information, we are indirectly asked to enter the Eden of eternal entertainment.

Say we once again were to re-install continuity on the same subjects and content, that popular media outlet delivers. How would that change your experience? Would it maybe even have a change on you?
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