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Artificial Intelligence poses serious threat to Mankind

Artificial Intelligence poses a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Those of you who don't believe this is a threat have no idea how fast machine learning innovates. Not if, but when it gets sophisticated enough, our human capability will not be able to get a lid over it. Did anyone see Google's walking simulation? They gave it the tools to walk and put it in an environment but didn't teach it how to walk, and it learned on it's own. That's wonderful, but scary. Technology is great and helps innovate, but it also created the atomic bomb.

Automation is a good thing. The purpose of innovation is so that people don't have to work. So job loss on its face looks bad, but that just means new jobs will be created because there are still jobs that we can't innovate yet, and might not ever be able to. We just have to be vigilant about the lifespan each job will have, and create a social system that works in a plug-and-play nature so we can recycle human capital into positions that we need.

It's the natural law of Red Queen theory. We don't progress to move forward, we progress to keep our place in life. And if we stop progressing, we die. That's how life works.

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