Rant about our shitty generation

It has come to my attention that my generation is the most ignorant, irresponsible, and stupid generation to ever plague this world. We are constantly affected by ignorance and discrimination. This is where I come in. My name is Raghu I am a part of this terrible generation. Everywhere I look I see people my age ruining their lives by using cigarettes, drugs (Except weed), and sex. Why do we have this desire to grow up so fast? I know 7th graders who smoke and have already have sex! Like seriously what the f*ck. Girls why do you want to be labeled as a slut or whore.

I don’t see why we are all this stupid. Every time I step outside I see people get 1 step closer to ruining their lives. We discriminate we label people and we treat people poorly because of how they act or how they live. It’s there f****** life not yours. What really angers me is the current issue of gay marriage. People who don’t want gays to get married you really piss me off. Why the hell should you get to be happy and they shouldn’t you ignorant f***.

We all deserve to be happy no matter what and if you don’t believe that well then f*** you.

With Love, Raghu.
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