A short poem

I found that writing poems helps a tremendous amount when dealing with sadness.

Come on. Wake up. Wake up. You got time to spare.
Take a deep breath and not really care.
Gather yourself and hope a lot.
Look for that happiness that you once got.
Look in the mirror and try to smile with glee.
Oh, you can't? Just paint it on for free.

Who cares if you are stuck in a rut.
Fake your smile. No if's, and's, or but's.
If people expect you to be jolly as can be.
Then you know exactly what it's like to be me.
Dawn your bright colors and head out the door.
Try not to fall flat right on the floor.
If you feel like this is too much to bear. Remember.
There is no help coming from anywhere.

You're out on your own and alone you shall be.
Hey, it's not too bad. Just take a look at me Fake smiles and laughs.
Just play it safe. Your sadness won't leave any visible trace.
Come home and wash off that smile into a frown.
Go take a shower and try not to drown.
Change into pj's and plop into bed.
Pray that you finally wake up dead.
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