While the recent events in news might have shocked everyone about how women are treated at workplaces, this is not a new problem at all. Even in the so-called progressive offices, women are routinely harassed and even molested.

But that’s not the sad part. The sad part is that they have to suffer silently. Most of the offenses are not reported. If a woman speaks out, her credibility is questioned, her character is questioned and everyone forgets it in a month. But the woman has to endure the memory of the torture for life.

Bombay Diaries came out with a Women’s Day video which portrays sexual harassment by a boss who is as lecherous as anyone might believe. But there’s a twist. Here, the woman speaks out, in the office and in front of everyone. And that’s what makes this video relevant every day of the year.

And that’s what makes the video so hard-hitting.

Women, take inspiration and never, ever let an incident like this slide. Speak up and fight. Because if you won’t, no one ever will.