Misconception about Depression

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Many people think that depression is just sadness or extreme sadness, but that's not the case. You're not sad, but you're not happy either; you just... don't feel anything. Depression is a ball of emptiness inside you makes you indifferent to everything that happens. You find no motivation in anything because you come to the realization that life is ultimately pointless: any and everything you do today or tomorrow will be gone and forgotten give or take a few years. Having depression makes you apathetic, and because of this people will see you as lazy.

To all of you depressed folks out there
: Yes, life IS pointless. But since that is the case, there is no other reason to live than to enjoy it. 

Minecraft as an analogy: people ask you what's the point of the game, and the answer is, there IS no point. But despite that, it's still fun! You build stuff and mine for diamonds and do whatever the hell you want. Kind of like life.
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