Dragon Ball Super EP 81 | Bergamo the Crusher vs Son Goku!

As the last round of the Omni-Present Match is about to begin, the assembled gods are alarmed at the prospect of their universes being wiped out in the coming Tournament of Power if they lose. Champa wonders if he could escape and save himself if need be, but Vados assures him that would never work. One can’t oppose the Omni-King and get away with it, after all.

Goku’s opponent introduces himself as “Crusher Bergamo”, the eldest brother of the Trio de Dangers siblings. Though his universe may have the lowest “mortal level” ranking, Bergamo accuses Goku of being far worse, since he’s the one responsible for this deadly tournament. He’s the enemy of all the universes!

Bergamo suggests that if he wins, the rule for destroying losing universes should be abolished. The gods seem to agree with Bergamo and blame Goku, but Goku remains unfazed. Eventually the two Omni-Kings somewhat reluctantly agree to Bergamo’s suggestion. However, Great Priest specifies that Goku must not hold back in his fight. If he does, Omni-King will immediately destroy all the universes! Goku’s more than happy to comply.

On the sidelines, Kai (the Kaioshin of Universe 11) asks the U11 warrior Toppo what he thinks of Goku, and Toppo vows to watch this match closely to size him up. The other gods ask Champa why Goku is so rude around Omni-King, and why Omni-King and the Great Priest let him get away with it. Even for someone of such a low mortal level, this defies comprehension!

The Universe 1 gods taunt Champa: thanks to their universe’s high mortal level, they’re exempt from the tournament. And their universe’s high mortal level is due to them providing good leadership, so the “god level” of their universes must be high too. Champa is quickly fed up with this sort of boasting from the top-ranked universes.

As the match begins, the two fighters at first trade blows evenly, but then Bergamo stops and announces he’ll show Goku why he’s known as “Crusher Bergamo”. He now seems to allow Goku to hit him repeatedly, but after getting hit he starts to grow larger.

Rou explains that Bergamo changes the attacks he receives from his opponent into his own power, countering with twice the power he was hit with. Goku’s impressed, since that sort of ability is fairly rare. [Note: This has since been amended by Herms.] As Bergamo grows larger and larger, he begins shooting waves of ki blasts at Goku, who now seems to be forced to keep on dodging.

Bergamo is now gigantic, but Goku hides on his back, then attacks his knees to knock him down. Bergamo has become so big that he has more blind spots. Bergamo doesn’t care though, he’ll just get even stronger! Indeed, Goku seems happy to keep on attacking Bergamo despite the fact that it just keeps powering him up. On the sidelines, Gohan speculates that this is because Goku is always more excited the stronger his opponent is.

Goku now goes Super Saiyan Blue, and Rou is amazed to see that he has power on par with a god’s. Even Sidra is impressed that Universe 7 has someone like this. But Goku’s not done yet: vowing to feed Bergamo even more gigantic power, he uses Kaio-Ken on top of Blue, and fires off a Kamehameha. Bergamo counters with his special “Wolfgang Penetrator” blast, but in the end he’s pushed back and enveloped by Goku’s attack.

As the blast clears, Bergamo has shrunk down to his regular size once more. Goku wants to keep on fighting, but Bergamo collapses, and the Great Priest declares Goku the winner. The Omni-Kings are impressed with Goku’s power; he definitely didn’t hold back! He prevailed by hitting Bergamo with more power than he could take, really cutting it close…just the way he always likes it.

Goku doesn’t think that he really got to see Bergamo’s true power though, since Bergamo only ever used Goku’s own strength against him. So Goku looks forward to seeing Bergamo go all-out in the main tournament. But Bergamo’s not as carefree as Goku: he warns Goku that all the other universes will surely target U7 in the main tournament, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re destroyed. But Goku confidently challenges all strong fighters to take him on.

The Future Omni-King confirms that he is satisfied with the “Omni-Present Match”. It was a big success! Now Great Priest explains the rules for the upcoming main event, and shows off the arena that will be used in the World of Nothing. If you knock your opponent out of the arena, you win. Simple, right? If your opponent is knocked out inside the arena, you’ll still have to throw them out of bounds.

Also, the use of weapons is prohibited (not counting techniques, of course), and it is forbidden to kill your opponent. Bukujutsu and other techniques for flying through the air will not work in the World of Nothing. You must win through simple power alone! Which isn’t to say strategy isn’t important too.

The match time limit will be 100 takk…in Earth terms, 48 minutes. If each round is that long, how long will the entire tournament take?! But Great Priest explains that there will be only one single round, a battle royale between 80 fighters (ten from each of the eight competing universes). Thankfully, it’s a big arena!

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At the end of the time limit, the universe with the most contestants still in the ring wins. Or alternatively, if only one contestant is left standing within the time limit, then that person’s universe will win. This all means team work will be very important…which was never Goku’s strong suit, but that’s what they have Gohan for!

One single match to decide the fate of eight universes…the gods find this pretty extreme. Great Priest is done talking, but now Toppo jumps into the ring. He wants to talk with Goku! Toppo introduces himself as the leader of the Pride Troopers from U11, and a warrior of freedom. He challenges Goku to battle, warning that if Goku has an evil heart he won’t be a match for him. Goku is happy, since he wasn’t quite satisfied from his fight with Bergamo…and he’s intrigued by Toppo’s insistence that he is evil…
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