Technology is making us Dumb

Sometimes I feel as though technology is ruining basic human interaction. Yes people joke and say "I hate people" or "I'm anti-social " but in reality humans are gregarious creatures and technology is taking that away... I asked someone a question today in hopes of sparking a conversation and they simply replied "Why don't you google it?".

Now of course I could've whipped out my phone and asked siri but I much rather ask a person who knows something about the field (He's a doctor) and secondly I just thought it would be a great conversation... BUT NO he just told me to do the obvious and continued to look at his phone. I don't know about anyone else but I am not that concerned with my phone that much that I need it in my hand 24/7.. or shall I rely on it 24/7. As a 23 y.o. I seen the advancement from all tell phones to today.. I just don't have the same desire to rely on my phone for everything.
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