No After Work Emails In France?

"If we have to make a distinction between professional and private lives which is still not a very clear boundary in today's society..." - NBC

In France, a law being referred to as the “Right to Disconnect” may be passed. It will allow employees to disconnect their emails when they are not at work, so their personal time is not interrupted by work. In the world today, France has probably one of the most regulated labor markets. 

Companies that already participate in this practice are automakers Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, Allianz-France. Managing Director of Reboot Online, Shai Aharon, stated: 

That wasn’t practical. So we relaxed the rules slightly and we put in this policy which encourages people to not send email, or to ask themselves the question whether this email that they’re about to send out of working hours is actually urgent enough to be sent out, and that works perfectly.”
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