Tech Executives Over-reacting to Immigration Ban.

One Google Employee; reportedly a high ranking executive who leads parts of the company’s global advertising-measurement business shared her rant over Trump's 90 days Immigration Ban.

Read the article on WSJ; First of, the writer as well the person sharing their opinions on WSJ don't deserve the attention that the media is giving; the article is totally biased with a single point of view and that too without the proper knowledge and impact of ban.

The writer is an Immigrant from Iran who currently holds U.S Green Card. And the funny thing is the whole media juggernaut has got this wrong. This lead to many people believe that the ban is actually discriminant and against a single religion.

Earlier this morning (IST), trump has clearly stated that this ban is not against any single religion or community.

One person, who does not know the exact impact of the order, wrings her hands and moans about something she does not know details of ... and it is worthy of an article in the WSJ? No sympathy from me for her. 

It is devastating for her to realize that the United States is not the world but a country-- with borders. And the people who live there are Americans. And you can come to visit but you have to return home. And if you want to stay here, you have to follow their laws to do it. And the security of American people is their priority, even if it is inconvenient to visitors. 

I believe he deserves an applause..''Thank you, President Trump!''

Tech Executives Over-reacting to Immigration Ban. Tech Executives Over-reacting to Immigration Ban. Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on January 30, 2017 Rating: 5

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