Donald Trump is not racist.

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I don't like Donald Trump, I despise him. I think he shouldn't be president, I think it's a failure of the United States that he even got close to being the president, let alone the fact he actually IS the president, but I digress.

People like to throw accusations out a lot about Trump. Such as, 'he's sexist', 'he's racist', 'he's homophobic' etc.. Not once have I ever actually seen any evidence that he is racist. Look, I can believe very easily that a 70 year-old white man is racist. But, as far as I've seen, he's never said or done anything racist in the last 10 years. Don't bother showing me anything from 20+ years ago, I think that's irrelevant to who Donald Trump is now. And you shouldn't be judged on your actions from 20 years ago.

However, Trump certainly does appear to be somewhat racist towards middle-eastern people. A blanket ban on all people from certain country's even if they have a green card is very egregious.

But I've yet to see anything that shows he is racist towards black people. I'm actually fairly certain that he is not racist towards black people at all. Because of his friendship with Kanye West. I really don't think Kanye is the kinda guy who would ever associate with anyone he even thought was racist.
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