Writing a Love Story

Boy meets girl.
Boy likes girl.
Girl is indifferent to boy.
Boy displays his physical strength.
Girl yawns.
Boy successfully debates other intellectuals.

Girl leaves before the end of the debate.
Boy writes girl a heartfelt and expressive poem.

Girl gets uncomfortable at this excessive emotional display.
Boy tells a very funny joke, with perfect timing.

Girl laughs so hard the Mountain Dew she was drinking comes out of her nose.
Boy starts telling another joke.
Girl interrupts him by kissing him.
Boy suddenly realizes the absurdity of the situation, and starts laughing uncontrollably while girl is still kissing him.

Girl stops kissing boy, and asks why he's laughing.

Boy tells girl they must be in a movie or a bad short story, because this is just too ridiculous.

Girl laughs, then takes another sip of Mountain Dew.
Boy kisses girl on the forehead.
Girl is silent for a moment, then she asks what's next for them.
Boy shrugs, the tells girl he's just happy they can finally be together.

Girl smiles contentedly, and leans her head on boy, who puts an arm around her.

Four and a half years later, boy and girl get abducted by aliens who perform gruesome biological and psychological experiments on them, but that's another story entirely.
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