Why are we Humans Worried about Climate Change ?

I believe the climate is changing. I believe the world is getting warmer. I believe CO2 levels are rising. I believe the ocean level is rising.

But, why are we fighting to stop climate change? Isn't it natural? Won't we have more farmland as the north opens up? Won't we have more rainfall, thus less water scarcity? The oceans are rising, sure, but only like 20cm a year. So as long as we elevate the shorelines by 1cm every 5 years in the lowest shores, we should be fine.  Isn't CO2 good for plants? Can't species that are temperature sensitive just move a bit north?

I'm especially not worried about humans, who seem to live comfortably at any temperature and who can thermally control buildings and who can creatively solve a wild array of unpredictable problems and who are already solving the predictable ones. We can build walls to hold back oceans, breed new crops to handle differences in climate, predict coming storms, build stronger buildings, move north, and we have to do all of this at a glacial pace, because the Earth is getting warmer so so slowly.

There's 55 million people collectively living in Syria and Iraq, where ISIS owns about half the land. Surely, if humans can live with ISIS in a land where everything is dust and sand, we can handle a very slightly warmer Earth.
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