Good Feeling

I feel so balanced, so happy, so calm. This time it isn't anything or anyone who made me feel this way, it came from within. I feel like I could accomplish anything. I don't feel afraid to be alone anymore, I feel so good by myself. 

I really like the person I've become and I'm so excited to grow more. I'm full of adrenaline and full of dreams. I'm so happy right now but so calm at the same time. I've found myself again and I'm so proud that i got through the year and that I've come out stronger. I'm in contact with my emotions and I know myself so much better. I have a lot more empathy for other people too. I know what it is to feel lost, betrayed or alone. I feel so strong, grounded and filled with love today. It feels so good
Good Feeling Good Feeling Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on December 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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