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Few days ago, I caught up with a friend which really helped me appreciate my life more. In true human fashion I had been focusing on the parts of my life that were still lacking. And while I'm still working on improving those parts of my life I now appreciate and am grateful for the parts of my life that are working.

I suppose that's why I only feel slightly worried this morning. I can easily imagine feeling much worse complete with stress and frustration. Two things currently have me worried: time and the group.

For most of my life I've felt there isn't enough time and right now I'm so busy I'm feeling that way again. Work is piling on but it's good paying work. I haven't been doing any writing lately which is something I want to get back into. My exercises are going well but it's tiring and time-consuming to recover. Each limit just keeps shrinking.

The group: it's not bad but I feel things have stagnated. Now it could just be me, maybe I've lost the vision but it's hard to keep consistent. I don't want to throw in the towel because of all the work we've put in and because there is potential. It's just that while we are getting better the improvement could be even more massive if there was consistency.

Despite all this, I can proudly say one thing: I have been taking time off for myself (weekly) and I don't feel guilty about it. I work hard, I earn my rest.
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