Driver-Free Printing Comes To Ubuntu 17.04, AirPrint Support

With the latest "Zesty" development packages for Ubuntu 17.04, there is initial support for driver-less network printer support.

Ubuntu 17.04 is supporting driver-less network printer support for those printers supporting IPP Everywhere and Apple AirPrint. Given the popularity of AirPrint / Apple printer support, this should expand the printer coverage for devices that previously didn't play well with Linux.

If you are on a development build of Ubuntu 17.04 today, you can upgrade to the latest CUPS/cups-filters packages to gain this latest driver-less WiFi/wired network printing support for the IPP Everywhere / AirPrint compatible hardware. If you are wondering whether your printer is supported by AirPrint, Apple has a long list of certified devices here.

Those wondering about the network printing improvements for Ubuntu 17.04 can find the details via this ubuntu-devel thread.
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