U.S & Russia Willing to Mend Ties

Image Credits: Press TV

After climate change and the whole eroding equality under the law thing, Trump's direction with Russia scares me most. 

Trump is possibly the most unknown president elect in the history of the country in terms of what he actually intends. His campaign was entirely rhetoric, he has no public (aka govt) record for us to base factual judgements off of, and his history that is known is many times contradictory to the platform he ran on.

If all the worlds super powers suddenly got along it would be great, but this all has such a huge scope it's hard for people to understand motivations on the outside. These countries, almost by definition, are striving to push themselves into the position of being the forefront world power, and gaining the economic power that goes with it. 

War is almost purely an economic concept nowadays and the fact that Putin wants to build bridges means that he's sees some sort of advantage in Russia making these overtures. Hopefully this is a real beginning for peace and not a ploy of some sort.

U.S & Russia Willing to Mend Ties U.S & Russia Willing to Mend Ties Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on November 21, 2016 Rating: 5
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