Trump Offers Apple ''Tax Cuts' to manufacture products in US.

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What I have seen of Trump's proposals to bring manufacturing jobs back seems shortsighted and likely to do more harm than good, and I think that as soon as he sees that he'll back down. 

It'll be another broken promise that will contribute to him being a one-term President, likely to go down as one of the greater failures, but unsurprising considering his lack of initial qualification and how badly he's already doing at appointing qualified advisors.

The proposal to bring back jobs through tariffs is easy to critique. The only effect it would have would be to raise consumer prices. If it's a 35% tariff, then US manufacturers need to beat 135% of China's selling price for goods, which isn't feasible even with labor costs at US minimum wage. Besides that, even if US manufacturers are able to start back up, it means that prices still go up for consumers by 34%. Jobs and wages won't go up by that percentage, so the net effect is that the wealth gap increases and quality of life goes down for most Americans. Hardly making America great again.

He'll know this before he tries to implement. Walmart's lobbyists will point this reality out to him, and instead he'll try to do something else, something that's already been tried like tax incentives. 

At best it will be minimum wage jobs with no benefits and crappy hours, and that's just not what the people want. It's what the wealthy want, though, and that's his core constituency anyway.
Trump Offers Apple ''Tax Cuts' to manufacture products in US. Trump Offers Apple ''Tax Cuts' to manufacture products in US. Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on November 24, 2016 Rating: 5
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