Social Media reactions are now called 'News Articles'

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I see these social media reactions every day now because apparently news outlets have forgotten how to write real news stories. They consist of one or two paragraphs describing some event, then about 3 subsections of Twitter/Facebook quotes from random people either for or against said issue.

What you say? Some people agree with Issue X while others disagree?! And look, this person made a cute ascii cat face. Amazing... but that's not news. People reacting to news isn't fucking news. I know the media industry is scared of becoming obsolete and all in a digital era, but copy/pasting a bunch of Tweets into your articles isn't going to save you. 

Try growing some journalistic balls and getting your hands dirty... do some research... expose some wrongs that you didn't hear about via Facebook. You know... higher aspects of journalism than, say, how may goddamned page hits your clickbait titles generate.
Social Media reactions are now called 'News Articles' Social Media reactions are now called 'News Articles' Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on November 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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