Movie Review: Inferno 2016

When so much talent comes in to make a film, the expectations are that the sum will be worthwhile to an extent. An award winner in the director’s chair, a couple of solid actors, and an all-time great composer should be able to create a good film and yet Inferno falls almost completely flat for the two-hour runtime.

There is so little story being told here outside of the ongoing mystery and yet it still manages to be convoluted. The boring and tedious nature of the film as a whole is astounding even though it’s so fast paced that you can’t ever truly settle in.

Now I can say that I slightly enjoyed the first film of this Dan Brown trilogy, The Da Vinci Code, but didn't like the second, Angels & Demons, at all so I was relatively confused why the third, Inferno, even needed to be made. And true to form, the newest film is measurably worse than its predecessor. 

The film serves as more of a history lesson about Dante rather than a film featuring facts about Dante. And if that doesn't quite make sense than it fits in with Inferno and it’s flawed logic within it’s own rules. No amount of connection is established despite the high stakes and you’ll find yourself looking at your watch rather than worrying about the characters.

Overall, Inferno is just a mess of a film that somehow never settles down despite the boring nature of it all. The performances are not bad and if you’re a Tom Hanks fan or Dan Brown fan, you’ll most likely find something to enjoy, but if not just save your money for a better film.
Movie Review: Inferno 2016 Movie Review: Inferno 2016 Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on November 30, 2016 Rating: 5

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