Facebook Fake News Problem

Image Credit: Business Insider
The weeks since the 2016 presidential election has put Facebook under the spotlight for its role in the circulation of fake news articles, which included President Barack Obama weighing in during a press conference earlier this week. While CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made an effort to sidestep the blame leveled against his company for the rise of these articles, he had said that the company has more work to do in combatting misinformation.

In a post to Facebook last night, Zuckerberg outlined the steps that Facebook is taking to limit the spread of false information, but reiterated his belief that the company should not become the "arbiters of truth." - Source

We are entering an area of censorship that I never thought possible in the western world. The mainstream media has greatest amount of distrust in history and the result is a swift and horrific attempt to silence the right. And make no mistake about it "Fake News" is simply a con word to describe conservatives.

Twitter, Facebook and Google have far too much control over how we communicate and I am beginning to be very concerned about that.
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