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We need more Reviews & Ratings for Ubuntu Software Package Manager

I've been using simple sudo apt-get or at most, the synaptic package manager whenever I want to install anything on my Ubuntu machine. However, the complexity and number of packages has gone up tremendously in recent years and so has the number of external PPAs. 

Consider the sheer amount of external repo dependency, a WebDev needs to have in Ubuntu, for instance:

The nodejs PPA for installing node and npm.
The mongodb PPA as the version in repos is very dated.
The WINE PPA (of course, only if you intend to run windows programs).

What we need in this day and age is a package manager that has a built-in feature for reviews and ratings, and Ubuntu Software Center is one such package manager.

I understand that there are some great hackers and wizards in the linux community who can scavenge through each and every line of code of each and every package running on their machines. Trusting an external software isn't an issue for such wizards, but for the rest of us folks, we need something like a rating system, don't we?

In fact, one of the reasons behind the Google Play Store's quick success is this very thing - A crowd-sourced rating system that organically evaluates each app without the need of any overlooker - exactly how the search engine logic works!

In fact, all the advanced eCommerce systems like Amazon, Ebay, etc. are also dependent on the rating system. A five-star average rating by a million buyers implies a kind of trust and without that trust few people will ever buy anything (or install an app for that matter on their devices).

We should encourage modern package managers like Ubuntu Software Center, and support them by providing reviews and ratings for the apps we use. 

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