We need to Sustain Pressure on Pakistan

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A lot of opinions floating around on how to deal with Pakistan. Hardcore bhakts demanding that India go to war and take back PoK, "end this once and for all", or "surgical strikes". Strangely none of them actually seem to realize that Pakistan is a nuclear state which has the capability to strike any part of India with nuclear weapons.

Those who are opposed to the current regime don't seem to have any solutions or even want to make an attempt at one. They are busy taking potshots and scoring cheap points by trolling said bhakts.

We need to isolate Pakistan on the international forum. They have done quite a lot of it on their own. But we need to sustain the pressure. The narrative that Pakistan has spun over the last 70 years is just absolutely stunning. They have painted us as the aggressors. when people talk about intolerance and genocide they think Godhra (which by any standard was not a genocide, though horrible). Not the daily kidnappings and rape of Hindu women, just because they are Hindus. Not how the number of Hindus has dwindled sharply in Pak and Bangladesh. Not how Ahmadis are Wajib-ul-Qatl in Pakistan. How Sunni militias go around bombing and killing Shias and other minority Muslim sects. 

We need to expose this side. And yes that means sucking up to Western nations. Some of it won't even require too much effort. Jamat-ud-Dawa, Sipah-i-Sahaba etc. collect money for Jihad in India and against the West openly. We need to make a cyber team that can track links between militants groups and money and track it back to Pakistan Army and society. 

This info should be released, not just after attacks on Indian soil but regularly to sustain pressure. This is what I think would be a proactive approach to that would actually help us. Not only will it make it more costly to do such attacks, but any such attacks will further isolate it.
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