Swiss Army Man: Great Movie about Friendship and Farts.

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I watched Swiss Army Man just the other night. What an odd movie.

The "protagonist" is a pretty loathsome individual.

I liked the movie for how weird it was, but there was a reason why it wasn't as enjoy as it could have been for me.

Initial Impressions made me think of it as a robot or mechanical man who was being used like a Swiss Army utility knife, but it was just about a "magical" talking dead guy. 

Think of a friendly zombie whom apparently doesn't stink and has superpowers.

I'll admit it had some weird shit that seem unnecessary and to me, unfunny. like the boner pointing direction that did pay off in the gag at the end with the girl, but for the most part was stupid. 

I suppose they wanted to mess around with the corpse abilities for shits and giggles but the presentation and marketing focused on the toilet humor instead of the human story that basically carried the whole movie. The bus scene was the best part and that merely involved paul danos macguyer-esque constructions of the set piece and daniel radcliffe just lying there.

It tried very hard to be some sort of answer to the hideously whimsical indie bullshit we've been subjected to in recent years. 

You are either on board right there or you aren't. I went in thinking the farting would be the best part and then fell in love with the movie...And no, not because of the farting.

Swiss Army Man: Great Movie about Friendship and Farts. Swiss Army Man: Great Movie about Friendship and Farts. Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on September 30, 2016 Rating: 5

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