Kashmir Conflict

English: A map of the Kashmir region depicting...
English: A map of the Kashmir region depicting sectors of engagement during the 1965 India-Pakistan war. Self made. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This whole doodh-kheer way of tackling Kashmir is outdated and has frankly lead to zero success on the matter. BJP or Congress, whoever comes to power follows this same ghisi-piti strategy they've followed since the 70s and expect different results.

There should be open dialog between India, Pakistan, and groups that want Kashmiri independence and a referendum should be held in Kashmir on the matter of independence. Yes, these groups have killed many innocents and committed various acts of terror, but ignoring them or asking Pakistan to stop supporting them is not going to get us anywhere.

The whole country has to pay for this stupid cold war of Kashmir. I've never been to Kashmir, I don't consume any products from Kashmir, I don't sell anything to Kashmir, then why the f**k am I paying these high taxes to maintain an army whose sole purpose is to torture innocent Kashmiri civilians and shoot warning shots on the border? India and Indians need to handle this matter with their brains and not their heart.

What needs to be done is to showcase the evidence against Pak to the world at every forum possible. Once the world realizes that this is not just a fight among neighbors about a fence, we can step up our work on the ground. Just don't wait for "all" the countries to agree. 

Once Kashmir is resolved, the actual terrorists, people who have no Kashmir-related agenda but are just causing chaos will be much easier to stop because they won't be able to hide under the radar along with Hurriyat.
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