I despise Drug Addicts

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I have no sympathy for most drug addicts. I've kept this to myself for years because obviously I would be seen as cruel and uncaring, but I have always looked down on addicts. It's simply mind-boggling how stupid, reckless, and self-destructive a person would have to be to dabble in such horrible things as heroin or meth. How can a person look at these drugs and take them by choice? It's not like a person's only experience with drugs is D.A.R.E. propaganda. 

There have been so many books, films, TV programs, plays, editorials, news stories about the inevitable consequences of doing so, a person can't possibly claim ignorance of what would happen to them. To me, these people are reaping the reward of their own horrible mistakes, and drag down everyone around them in their slide downward.

I do have some caveats for my opinion though. I know many people were prescribed opiates recklessly, then were suddenly cut off. Those people were caught by surprise. Some people also started abusing drugs at a very young age. I don't feel a 12 year old should be held too responsible for the decisions they make. But other excuses, especially if the person is an adult? Those just baffle me. Who cares if the rest of your friends are experimenting, if they were jumping off a cliff would you join them, to use a classic example? Another is that people use drugs to escape from a bad reality. Why don't these people see that their lives will become exponentially worse as an addict?
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    1. Obvious you don't want your friends to get into this stuff. Would you support or encourage ?


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