Google Turns 18 and here's why we should Celebrate it even more

Happy Birthday El Goog, You're now officially an adult (at least according to Indian standards)!
Happy Birthday El Goog, You're now officially an adult !

The thing that keeps Google relevant is a mix of the ubiquity and quality of its services. Where other companies have sought to keep users walled in, Google has pursued a strategy of being everywhere so that it no longer matters where its users are. It’s the same approach that Microsoft is now taking with its Office suite and various other online services, but it was Google that pioneered and perfected it.

They open source many projects and their engineers are constantly doing talks and writing papers for all the world to see and use. Few other companies are as giving as this and some actively discourage it which is a real shame. Software would be miles behind where we are now if it wasn’t for Google giving back to the software community. They are the best in the business and they still help out the little guy. It’s really great.

Note to self invent time machine, go back to 1998, by ALL the stocks for Google- PROFIT!