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Internet News is better than Media Controlled News Channels

On Internet browse over 100 news articles in an hour (often reading a headline is enough to get the news) Times Now: Covers 1-5 news stories in an hour (often requires you to watch long enough to get the point of the story)

Internet Shows news from around the world Times Now: Shows news that affects India, in particular, from around the world

Internet: Get to hear peoples opinions on the topic Times Now: Get to hear propaganda based responses, and manipulated opinions on the topic

Internet: You get to contribute your thoughts and debate opinions provided Times Now: You just sit there and have to take what you are given..

Internet: Can discover the news unbiasedly, since you can search many sources on one story to find the facts Times Now: Provides you biased news, since you can only listen to their one sided perspective.

Internet: Covers stories Times Now discusses, but also discusses other stories they don't but times now: Only covers stories that are pro-establishment, and stories that support their interests

Overall, if you get your information from Times Now, or other major news networks, you are getting fed bullshit in a box. 

Answers are provided, and there is no reason to question anything.

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