Olympic committe bans GIFs

The Olympic Games are getting underway and the International Olympic Committee is cracking down on the rules surrounding its broadcast rights.

One of the main changes this year is the ban on GIFs being made using their content.

The IOC rules state that "Olympic Material must not be broadcast on interactive services" because that could "Allow the viewer to make a viewing choice within a channel and thereby view Olympic Material at times and programs other than when broadcast as part of a News Program...".

If these rules are breached, publishers could find themselves at the end of a very expensive lawsuit.

People commenting about the new rules are not impressed, claiming the content is 'fair use' but it may not apply in to IOC content being turned into GIFs.

This doesn't include the fee that other countries pay for their rights, so you can see why the IOC is a little touchy about their content.

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