International Tiger Day

The lion may be the king of the jungle, but it's the tiger that holds mystique and charisma. From the Chinese zodiac, to Buddhism, and even Rocky Balboa (cue trumpets), the largest of the cat species has been a symbol of strength and power throughout history and across cultures.
Image Credit: Greenpeace
It’s ‪‎International Tiger Day‬ today and I'd like to say something chirpy and cheerful like 'Happy International Tiger Day!' but then I see a video like this and I realise today is actually a day to get serious and expose the exploitation of these magnificent, beautiful wild cats. 

Today just for a couple minutes, I ask you to watch this video and imagine you are this tiger, drugged out of your mind, chained, objectified, stared at, yelled at, poked with a stick so that some stranger you'll never see again, who doesn't give a shit about you can walk away with a piece of you you never said he could take. The tiger in this video is exhausted, defeated, drained, deeply humiliated, all the pride and regality I admire in cats has been stomped out. All for someone's profile picture.

Today I’m thinking about captive tigers like this one forced to entertain tourists at attractions in Thailand and other parts of the world. These tigers suffer appalling levels of cruelty and exploitation, just so they can be photo props or entertainment for tourists. The best thing you can do to end this suffering is simply: DON'T VISIT THESE PLACES, and share this message with all of your friends and followers. In my experience, people aren't aware of the cruelty these animals experience and if they knew, they would be appalled. Please help others understand. And if you have ever supported a business like this, please don't waste time trying to defend yourself, or even judging yourself for it and feeling bad. You were misled and didn't know better. Now you do and you can help change the fate of these tigers.

If the demand ends so will the cruelty. 

Please spread the word and help bring this suffering to an end. 

Use today to take meaningful action - learn more, and sign World Animal Protection’s petition urging TripAdvisor to help protect these majestic animals: