Amazon Profits rise to $857 million

Amazon Sees profits in Sales, Credit: Google Images.
Amazon posted a profit of $857 million, or $1.78 a share, on revenue of $30.1 million. - Source

I really admire Bezos for his approach to growth and his commitment to a relatively unique path for continued success. He can grow amazon much bigger than this. Remember Amazon is only in about 13 countries and they have to fend off Alibaba so they need to start expanding to more countries.

The people who complained about lack of profit of Amazon were the ones who had poor understanding of finance and running a company. For a growth company, it is not uncommon to spend all your gross profit into growth rather than showing net profit. As the company reaches closer and closer to their growth, net profit begins to show.

Moreover, Amazon does a great job with many of their services such as AWS, its huge. Their suite of tools is unparalleled in the world of cloud computing. No one is close to their offering, nor Google, nor Microsoft. I won’t be surprised if they spun it off in the future.
Amazon Profits rise to $857 million Amazon Profits rise to $857 million Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on July 29, 2016 Rating: 5

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