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There really is something different about a sibling relationship that you don't get with friends.

Years of mutual admiration from afar. Pride in the other's accomplishments. Big hugs at holidays & of course never ending love/care that goes in...

When your sibling is few months older than you; imagine how awkward it'd be watching him/her go through adulthood.

while it's totally okay for siblings to tease each other mercilessly and say absolutely terrible, soul crushing things to each other, it's not okay for non-siblings to join in..

Today I got to experience this from a 3rd person's view.

While returning back to home from Office, I saw one of my friend waiting for her (older) brother to get in cab, he was having a little chat with his friend not far from us. The driver got the vehicle moving, and I could see her **feeling** where he might not notice the cab, or where he'd end up loosing it. It was totally adorable... :) <3 br="">
Then it just hit me, Wish I had my sister working along with me in same office. Would've been lot of fun....

Indu can't wait for you to join Amazon :) :D

P.s Don't forget your sibling when you grow up and move on ... .
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