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We need Open-Source equivalent for Facebook

Facebook is beginning to systematically rape users and their data.
First forcing people into using its Messenger app, now continuing its aggressive tactics and driving users to install its photo-sharing app, Moments. - Source
Facebook is beginning to systematically rape users and their data. 

Once a tech company passes certain milestones in terms of size and user base, the power they hold over the plumbing infallibly goes to their collective heads.

Just as Microsoft with the Windows 10 upgrades. It's merely a confirmation that we must find ways around entrusting our digital assets to such 'for-profit' outfits. They're obviously banking their entire business model on the fact that they will be able to monetize the user data for far more than what it's costing them, offering "free" as a way to entice them in.

While it's not sexy, there needs to be the open-source equivalent, sort of what Android is to Windows but for social networks. Something that is community-supported, and allows people more freedom, even if the price is less curation and more chaos. 

Sort of like... The Internet?

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