My thoughts on #Brexit

Brexit : UK decides to leave EU
There was a referendum and the people of UK democratically decided to leave EU. There is nothing wrong about that. At this point no one exactly knows what will happen, there is too much noise for anyone to listen to the music. This might be good for UK in the long term or it could be a disaster.

EU isn't exactly the high ground for euro economy either. The way they handled the situations leading up to Greek bailout, Irish bailout, Spanish bailout and Portuguese bailout is appalling. The writing was on the wall long before this happened. They just bought their own debt exhausting the funds and patted themselves in the back for all the "good work" they have done.

And how Merkel handled the immigration crisis is suicidal. EU basically solved the crisis of illegal immigration by making it legal, which is asinine to say the least. But then also the point stands that it might be more economically stable for the EU to stay together at this point of time. Which is why it's good to put people in their places when they don't know what they are talking about.

Now with over 1 million petitions, brits are regretting their decision to leave EU. A person can be wrong at times and so can be the masses. What do you think ? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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