Samsung will launch five Galaxy flagship smartphones in 2017

Samsung fans are looking forward to just one more flagship handset for this year before they start concerning themselves with what the company has in store for them next year. The Galaxy Note 6 will be launched in a couple of months and then it’s the long wait to early next year when we see the first new flagships from the company. It appears that Samsung is going to launch five new Galaxy flagship smartphones in 2017.

The five new flagships will include the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 edge, the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note 7 edge, as well as the Galaxy X. The first four flagships are said to use a 2.5K resolution Super AMOLED display with an RBG subpixel arrangement. The Galaxy X is going to be Samsung’s foldable smartphone and is going to feature a 4K display with diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement. It was almost a year ago when we reported that Samsung was working on Project Valley, its foldable smartphone, and recent reports out of Korea suggest that this handset might finally be launched in 2017.

It’s believed that this device will easily be foldable in half, like a wallet, making it much easier to carry it in a pocket. Samsung already has several patents for technology that will be used inside a foldable smartphone so it’s not really going to be surprising when it eventually comes out with one.

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