Bringing in Positivity in my life

Today is the third day of my morning routine and I feel amazing. I wake up at 5 AM or 6 AM (depending on when I go to sleep and when I have to go out) and for 90 minutes I do my morning ritual and It helps me feel content and in control. 

I swear even the way I walk is more confident now.

I used to wake up groggy and look at my phone for 10 minutes (mostly facebook) before i mustered the will to get out of bed. Now I don't use my phone for the first hour after waking up. This feels much more refreshing.

My routine is as follows:

I make my bed

I do push-ups

I drink 2 cups of water

I meditate for 12 minutes

I eat breakfast and listen to music.

I get dressed

I go about my day!

I feel I have more control now, I can muster up the willpower to abstain and most importantly, because I WANT TO.
Bringing in Positivity in my life Bringing in Positivity in my life Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on May 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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