Random Thought #23

Quote by Albert Schweitzer
I don't think women understand how much of a grind being a man can be. It can just wear you out, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You just kinda feel disposable.

As an Indian man the life cycle is basically: Go to school for 16 or more years, get a job, work your whole life, die.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you work, there is very little recognition, celebration, or validation for your efforts. It's just expected of you. And if you don't like it, then your boss, or wife, or whatever will find someone who does. You're always expected to be able to perform, whatever the task. And if you fail, you're a disappointment. And you can't really express frustration/emotion either. Unless it's to someone very close to you... But even then sometimes all you get is a "sucks bro".

Or if you don't meet certain milestones, you're a failure. No degree? No house? No car? Don't have a good job? Why not? I don't think I'm speaking for others when I say there's a real fear that if you're not 'successful', you won't be considered attractive as a mate.

And as a man it's "your job" to take the initiative on everything and it's incredibly taxing. Especially when every relationship you've had has involved you being hurt. Whether it's rejection, lying, abuse, manipulation, etc.

Of course I can only speak out of my own experiences... But, after awhile sometimes I just kinda want to give up.
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