Image Credits: OMG Ubuntu
Right now, as amazing as package management is, you usually end up with an outdated system (Debian, CentOS), or an updated one that crashes everything and require hacks to work properly (Arch.)

No more broken dependencies at the cost of using more disk space and the potential security risk of using a program bundled with outdated libraries.

Enter Snappy

Installing apps in Ubuntu via Snaps is a surprise, and a welcome one. In my point of view, the main pro of snappy is the use of transactionnal package, which is a pretty great idea.  I will fire up my desktop to test it. Hopefully after an update to my 16.04, I will be able to successfully install apps from the Ubuntu Store in my 16.04 desktop.

I have read all the comments on forums & blogs. Most people seem to have a good opinion about Snappy - with some minor exceptions

Can't wait for the first release where Unity 8 and Snappy become the default. I think Canonical is taking steps in the right direction toward fitting a lot of people's needs as well as their own.

  • The move to Qt in Unity 8
  • A move away from GNOME based applications
  • The ability to keep an LTS release while upgrading certain packages (Snappy)
  • A new desktop environment
  • Convergence

I feel that 18.04 will be the greatest Ubuntu release to date. Just my opinions, but I'm pretty excited. :)

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