Future of Firefox is Chrome

Representational Image of Firefox, Credits: Google Images

Mozilla seems to think a new future for Firefox lies in Chrome. While they claim that it is only about new ways of browser design, it is also an open secret that they are running into more and more problems lately with web compatibility. Senior VP Mark Mayo caused a storm by revealing that the Firefox team is working on a next-generation browser that will run on the same technology as Google's Chrome browser

The project, named Tofino, will not use Firefox's core technology, Gecko, but will instead plumb for Electron, which is built on the technology behind Google's rival Chrome browser, called Chromium. The benefit of Chromium/Electron would be that it is a solution they could pull much faster forward than their own Servo plans Servo being Mozilla's Rust-based web engine. 

What the real outcome of all this will be, only Mozilla knows so far. But inside Mozilla there is much resistance against such plans... Interesting times are ahead.

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