Can we upload our minds to Computers ?

This is a fundamental question about consciousness. What is it? Where is it? Is it individual or collective. Right now this is one of the greatest mysteries (if not the greatest) that humans can confront. 

So if you upload you personality (whatever that really is) to an operating system will it become a truly conscious being? If so will it take your consciousness forward. If yes then your body can die and you will exist as a possible immortal. If not then it is merely an artificial copy of your personality and memories to the date of the upload.

Computing and brains are both information machines. 

Replacing atoms with "bits of software" and generating entries in a database in perfect detail (which is impossible due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle) is not applicable here. There is zero reason to believe our brains work like a digital computer or database. 

In fact its quite likely not digital but analog. But all that is beside the point. All you have to accept is that our brains are nothing more than a biological machine based firmly on the laws of physics. Neurons, axioms, etc. Complicated to the nth degree, but based on the laws of nature and physics nonetheless. I see no reason at all to think otherwise of the matter. 
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