Youtube is Under Fire from its Users

Youtube is under fire from their users for not abiding to their fair usage policy.

A fellow YouTuber named GradeAUnderA has made several videos on this topic. He specifically targets "reaction channels" (Jinx, TheFineBros, etc.) which put their entire videos on the corner and the "reactor" adding no content whatsoever and they are getting paid by stealing other people's content.

This is against YouTube's fair use rule and YouTube is paying them and essentially breaking their own rules. Grade is also targeting YouTube's CEO where she promised to make YouTube a great place and enforcing the rules but she doesn't actually do what she promised.

This has been quite a problem in YouTube and people are waging a war against YouTube over these policies. Several youtubers like Nostalgia Critic and more are against YouTube for these ridiculous policies which YouTube doesn't follow. They've also started new hashtags #WTFU and #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain.

I am a supporter of #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain and part of this war. - Source