Physical Attractiveness is Important

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I'm curious why such a large number of reasonably intelligent people absolutely abhor just a common observation. Of course women have different tastes, but it's those physical tastes that take priority over everything else. 

If Person A is a smart, funny, passionate, guy who can cook is good with kids etc but has an unattractive face and normal/possibly unattractive body, no women will be attracted to him. If Person B is a man of normal intelligence, is relatively funny, relatively passionate, normal in every non-physical trait but is very physically attractive, women will like him. 

This has been shown even on dating sites, and you see it all the time in bars, university, workplace, etc. So why don't people just accept that instead of pretending that non-physical traits will make you attractive? Note that I'm not saying having those non-physical traits doesn't help, but my point is that women don't really care about that until you meet their physical standards. 

Yeah you hear those stories about unattractive guys with girls etc but their quite few and the only reason you here any is because they're so noteworthy society deems it abnormal and hence worthy of being mentioned. Just curious why people don't just accept you won't attract anyone if you're physically unattractive, despite being strong in non-physical categories.

What do you think ?
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