Individual Principles

I don't think the world is so black and white. Its grey; everything is on a spectrum; It might be possible for Zuckerberg to contribute to positive changes in the US. He will have zero power in China. So, if he wants to continue operating his sites there, he plays along. There's really almost no option. There are a wealth of different circumstances and conditions.

I have no issue with people who selectively apply their principles, or those who are seemingly hypocritical with regard to morality or ethics as I am one of those people. I believe in free speech but accept circumstances where it should not be free; I believe no human should be killed but assume I could/would and justify killing in defence; I believe we should treat the life of animals with respect and seek no harm but I eat meat; I believe nepotism is wrong but many circumstance exist where I would show bias to my family; I believe in philanthropy and charity but contribute less than I can afford; etc. I accept that I don't fulfil my principles as much as others or in their entirety but I believe in them, to me they are principles I stand by, in my own way and capacity.

Zuckerberg is the same. I believe most of us are. 

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