DuckDuckGo Grows 70% this Year

I've been using duck duck go as my primary search engine for some time now on both my laptop & phone.. I really like the ! searches (!w for wikipedia, !r for reddit, !yt for youtube, !t for thesaurus, !d for dictionary, etc). I think it's a feature not found in other search engines.

I also like the fact that it doesn't track. When you do a lot of repeated searches with google, it adds more and more to your URL to keep track of what you've searched that session.

Through Dec. 15, DuckDuckGo received 3.25 billion search queries this year, according to its publicly posted traffic statistics. That’s up 74% over the same period last year. Monday, Dec. 14 was its first day with more than 12 million direct queries. But relative to search industry leader Google, DuckDuckGo is still very small.

Image -via- QZ

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