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Why do people link Terrorism with Religion ?

I've been thinking a lot about terrorism recently and why it happens. The media seems to always jump to radicalization of religion but I've come to the conclusion that it's probably not the root cause. I believe that the gap between rich and poor is the root cause for modern terrorism.

If rich countries could share their wealth with poor countries (would probably be impossible) then there would be less people turning to religion. Religion often appears to be what people turn to when they need strength because of a bad situation including being extremely poor with no hope of things getting better.

Rich countries have the ability take advantage of poor counties and one of the ways this happens is through war. When war happens people are killed. If someone loses their family, jobs, house and pretty much everything they have because a foreign country has destroyed it the only thing they appear to have left is their religion and therefore are likely to use it as an excuse to get revenge and justification to end their own lives in the process.

If wealth was evenly distributed throughout the world meaning no counties had a financial advantage over another and it became too risky to start war then religion, especially radicalization would die down any if we're lucky it would fade away.

This isn't black or white. There are always going to be people several deviations from the mean here I'm just trying to think of the root cause.

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