When I feel Insecure

It always seems like whenever I'm with friends I get insecure and intimidated when my friend talks to others. I feel incredibly foolish, especially since I know it's nothing, but nonetheless I get jealous.

When I'm feeling insecure or helpless, what I do is simple: I think, or rather stop and look around at those around me. I observe everyone else's situation. I'm not talking about something like, "Hey, at least my life isn't this bad!" type of deal. At the end of the day, that doesn't make me feel good, normal or confident.

No, what really comforts me is that everybody knows nothing. No one person out there can see the future, no one person out there knows exactly what they're doing with their lives. And I focus on that when I'm down. I focus on that and take comfort from it. These people don't know what they're doing, why should I ? And anyone who expects me to know doesn't know themselves. In short, stop. Look around. Realize that no one knows.
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