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Survival Skills & Tools

The absolute best survival technique in any situation is to keep yourself as healthy as possible before an emergency happens. You're not outrunning zombies if you're pushing 3 bills. If you've got COPD, type-2 diabetes, or jacked-up blood pressure, you're immediately at a disadvantage once the poles reverse, electricity stops working, and the dead start climbing out of their graves. 

I'm sharing few points that will help you during certain situations.

  • If a hurricane or apocalypse or whatever is happening, fill your bath tub with water immediately. This may become valuable drinking water if water gets shut off for whatever reason
  • If you're in the wilderness and lost: Try to find a stream, or any running water. Follow it downstream. Eventually it will almost assuredly lead you to a town or a neighbourhood, since humanity has been strategically building settlements along water for eons. It's just a stable source of energy, food, and, well, water. It will guide you to people. Your dominant leg is slightly stronger than your non dominant. Therefore, when walking long distances you'll eventually end up walking in a circle. Every 200 steps, pick a new target in the distance and walk towards it instead of trying to walk in a straight line.
  • Act crazier than that crazy guy who's approaching you with a knife. Then proceed to run like hell.
  • Scrape bee stingers out, don't pull them out, squeezing the stinger releases more venom.
  • If warlord comes to village and you must flee into desert, take goat. Goat can eat anything...cactus, paper, leaves, sticks. Goat will make all of this milk. You can drink milk. When goat is done making milk, you can eat goat. If hiding for long time, goat become forest wife.

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